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Related article: charms, which succeed with the vulgar and ignorant, are utterly inefficacious with the incredulous, or with those who may pos- sess a superior education; while among those, 15 Mg Abilify however, certain nugatory remedies will cure the disease, by inspiring that con- fidence to which either ignorance or false reasoning is necessary, when they fail with superior minds, capable of reasoning re- specting causes and effects. In whatever way these remedies act, the fact itself is an important one as relates to the theory . i: of of the disease; since that action, and the mode Abilify 30 Mg of it also, iiiC suddenness, among other things, go far to prove that it is si- tuated in the nervous system, or in the brain and nerves; and that to influence that system, directly and solely, is the cure, and probably the end to be aimed at by every remedy. The charms used for this purpose, consist in mere words, spoken by some person reputed to have powers akin to the witchcraft of the days of superstition, or in texts of Scripture or other words attached to the person, like the periapts of anti- quity, and the fetiches of Africa; contrivances among which the mystic word Abracadabra is or was one of no small note. Amu- lets, equally successful, are the remains of a very general prac- tice, still preserved, if unwittingly, in the coral and bells of children, in the ear-rings of the French populace and military, and, with the open acknowledgment of superstitious folly, in the anodyne necklace even now used for dentition in children, and by those also who are reputed to be possessed of sense and education. Thus also is a piece of glazed or cambric pasteboard alone, found to be a cure for tertian; as are 2 Mg Abilify many more applica- tions equally inactive as medicines, which it would be a waste of time to enumerate; since, provided the superstitious confi- dence of the patient can be excited, the application itself may consist 20 Mg Abilify of any thing. An endless number of plasters, appear- ing to possess the active medicinal qualities which they have not, might be added to these, as of more extensive powers; since they excite, by their names or sensible properties, the necessary confidence, in a class of persons far above the most superstitious and the lowest vulgar, at least in rank, if not always very strongly distinguished from them in mental powers. Under this head, if I mistake not, I must also class avast ca- talogue of internal remedies; medicines of the most discordant properties or of no properties at all, but having equally gained a degree of reputation, greater or less, from occasional or partial success depending on this principle. These form that mass of trash with which old women, of whatever sex, torment their neighbours, with that intrusive self-conceit which belongs to all voluntary empirics, and against which it is in vain to remonstrate, by showing that their utility is nothing without confidence on the patient's part, and that, in the chronic disease, they are ut- terly void of power, even over imbecility and ignorance. Not to enter into an enumeration of a catalogue with which I might fill many a page, and where I might even commence with Cato's prescription, a formula well 1 Mg Abilify worthy of ranking with the balsam of Fierabras, I am even of opinion that bark itself some- times acts in this manner; an effect not very improbable, when the universal confidence in it is considered. It is possible, I •will not deny, that the celebrated Sicilian remedy, powdered INTERMITTENT. 209 charcoal, may have some medicinal effect, but it is also not un- likely that it acts solely in this way, since it seems to have no action on the system and to Abilify 20 Mg undergo no changes Abilify 15 Mg in the body. With respect to spiders or other remedies exciting mere repug- nance, they may act on the faith of the patient; but they seem rather to operate by exciting disgust, one of the strong mental impressions which removes Abilify 10 Mg this disorder: and this 1 also conceive to be the action of cobwebs, which, containing much ammonia united to some highly putrescent animal compound, form an ex- ceedingly nauseous medicine. Thus also does a strong mental impression produced by mo- ral, and not by physical causes, cure Cheap Abilify Online the intermittent, or at least remove a paroxysm in similar cases. This effect Abilify 2.5 Mg has often been produced by fear, by the sudden necessity of exertion, by hope, or by joy, by unexpected success, and even by sudden grief or disappointment; and if in a recent work of African travels, the power of the sudden presence of a beautiful woman in this man- ner 30 Mg Abilify may excite a smile, there is no reason to doubt the truth of the narrative, as it is by no means a solitary case. I have only to add that 5 Mg Abilify in all such cases, the cure of but one paroxysm is often the cure of the disease; as if it was a habit not yet so firm- ly established, but that the mere interruption of it was a suffi- cient remedy. With respect to the effect of charms, however, it is yet ne- cessary to add one remark, for the sake of the higher vulgar, who are apt to lay too much stress on their Buy Cheap Abilify efficacy: not perhaps on that of cambric paper, spiders, and abracadabras, but on me- dicines of apparent power, the action of which is, in reality, on the imagination-. It is this; that the ague which is the most se- vere, is, in fact, very often the slightest disorder, paradoxical as that may seem. It is a disorder which is most violent in its commencement; or the fever, as the most perfect and regular, is then the most Abilify 2 Mg distressing, both to the patient and the spectators. But Order Abilify Online severity and obstinacy are Abilify 1 Mg different things; and thus Abilify 50 Mg also though a new disease is more severe in general than a relapse, it has not the same persistence. It is 10 Mg Abilify the ancient and chronic case which appears slight to the by-stander, and which, Price Abilify what-